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Our Philosophy


I am Elizabeth, founder of Dead Flower Society.

I find so much inspiration in nature. The moments we live through and the spaces we inhabit can be exquisitely elevated by the natural world. The pieces we create encapsulate the beauty, harmony and romanticism offered by the natural materials we use.

At Dead Flower Society, we have designed a process which puts the couple at the heart of each delicately and artfully created piece. Following an in-depth consultation, we will produce a visual concept and design that is entirely personal to you. Once you’re happy with the design, your wedding pieces will be handmade with flowers that are locally-sourced and hand-dried by us.

The process of drying flowers enables us to preserve their beauty, as well as bringing unique qualities that differ from fresh flowers - softened tones, muted colours and delicate textures. The process also allows you to preserve the memory of their place in your day.

We are Dead Flower Society.

Liz + Greg Larmer Tree Gardens Elopement NaomiJanePhotography-320.jpg